Our company was founded in 1960 and has existed for 45 years as a mechanization company for agriculture, industry and garden and park machines. The industry department has experienced turbulent growth in the last 10 years with sales, leasing, rental and repair of forklift trucks.

We have now built up a fully-fledged position in this market for the purchase and sale of forklift trucks. We also provide rental and leasing of new and used trucks in diesel, LPG and electric. We also have our own transport and a service department with skilled technicians.

Safety approval
Since January 1, 1998 we are a recognized inspection company according to the Vebit inspection system. After approval, a sticker is applied that is valid for 1 year.

Business premises
Our business premises consist of 1000m3 surface area, divided into 500m3 showroom and the remaining 500m3 office, warehouse, workshop, and paint shop/wash area